Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I told Him

I told Allah, lot about you..
then, I cried..

I told Allah, a great story about you..
then, I cried.. Allah knows everything about you.. 

I told Allah, about my heart..
and I cried.. Allah knows well.

I told Allah, How can I manage my feeling..?
and I cried.. Al Quran always the 'syifaa'

I told Allah..I am jealous!
then I cried.. not a right time for jealousy

 I told Allah.. I miss
Then I cried.. keep praying and make du'as

I told Allah..everything about you..you and you..
then I cried.. great things happen at the right time with the right way..
be strong..keep Sabr and may Allah grant our wish and Dua's..

*Resonance. How can resonate 2 entity without any effort?
So..take an action! and ijtihad.


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